Corporate Eye Care

The Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 as amended by the Health & Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2002.

What does this really mean?

Employers must make sure that all DSE (VDU / Computer) Users are clearly aware of the Regulations, and on request provide, at the employers expense:

  • A full eye and eyesight test by a qualified Optometrist (as defined by the Opticians Act 1989).
  • Basic spectacles where found to be necessary for DSE work, fitted with the appropriate lens type, single vision or multifocal.
  • Subsequent future eye examinations at regular intervals, as specified by the original examining Optometrist, for all DSE (VDU) ‘Users’, or at any reasonable time if the user is having visual difficulties.
  • Eye examinations for new employees before they commence working with VDU’s.

The eye examination

If, as a VDU user, you are entitled to a free eye examination, make a note of the following points that will help us assess the effect that VDU work may be having on your sight:

  • The date of your last eye examination
  • How long you have worked with VDUs
  • The number of hours per day that you work at a VDU
  • The distance from your eyes to the screen, keyboard and any documents you refer to while working
  • The position of the screen (eg. above or below eye level, to the left or right of your sitting position)
  • The size of the screen you use, its resolution and refresh rates (if known)
  • Any symptoms associated with VDU work